Welcome to the Wichita Ski & Snowboard Club! I chose today to launch our site because it’s the 156th birthday of Fridtjof Nansen, the legendary Norweigan skier who led the team during the First Crossing of Greenland. Nansen would go on to become a Nobel Peace Prize laureate in 1922 for his work with POWs and refugees. He also did some ice skating. I really only did that because it popped up. It wasn’t on purpose


More relevantly, he’s the namesake of the oldest ski club in the United States, the Nansen Ski Club, circa. Now, 145 years later, I’m setting one up, kinda. At least it has ski club in the title. Membership: 1.





The Wichita Ski and Snowboard Club is devoted to archiving what I have done over the past 27 years of skiing so that I can remember. If I happen to meet and ski with some good folks here in Kansas or hitch a ride on I-70 into the Rockies, well cool cool cool.


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