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Site Accessibility and Privacy Report


Our Accessibility Standards

This site meets Section 508 and W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 AAA per online tests and manual analysis of results from

Features that currently do not test fully compliant because of inability to analyze dynamically generated pages, lack of access to source code or usage restrictions imposed by the original developer:

  1. [ X-Forum CGI used for Blabber Notes forum]
  2. [Web mail CGI provided by host]

Section 508 requires that Federal agencies' electronic and information technology is accessible to people with disabilities. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 explain how to make Web content accessible to people with disabilities. Conformance to these Guidelines will help make the Web more accessible to users with disabilities and will benefit all users.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our accessibility practices, please Contact us.

Our Privacy Policy

We do not track visitors on our web site. Our site captures limited information about visits to our site. We use this information only to analyze general traffic patterns (e.g. what pages are most/least popular) and to perform routine system maintenance. It will not be disclosed unless required by law. We may retain these log files indefinitely.

If you choose to logon to our forum, cookies are used to display your screen name online. If you choose to logon to our Web mail, cookies are used for the option to save your address and password.

If you choose to post to our forum or to email us and provide personally identifiable information about yourself, we will use this information only to respond to your post or inquiry. We will not sell, rent or otherwise disclose that information to third parties who want to market products to you, period.

We provide links to third party web sites for the convenience of our visitors. These web sites are not operated or controlled by us and we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any external web sites.

Separate from this website, we also maintain a voluntary listing of email addresses for the purpose of sending direct announcements. This listing is treated in the same manner as other previously described personally identifiable information. If you wish to make changes to or be removed from this listing, Contact us.

XML machine readable P3P privacy policy files for this site were generated courtesy

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy practices, please Contact us.

This Website Viewable with Any Browser

Any Browser Any Time. We support the Any Browser Campaign. Vive la différence! All pages are strict (standard compliant) document mode rather than transitional (quirks) document mode.

This website uses 2 table-less layout templates for the pages, a 3 column design used for the main pages and a single column derivative design for the remaining pages. Separate Cascading Style Sheets are used to style the pages for modern browsers and handheld devices. A printer friendly page can be generated for each 3 column page. Based on layouts designed by Real World Style. Header background image is derived from actual public domain photo from National Weather Service in NOAA Photo Library.

PDF - Portable Document Format

Many files on this website are available in a PDF file. To view them, you only need to have one of the many pdf viewer software programs installed on your computer. Most of these are free also.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding viewing our website content, please Contact us.

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